It happens sometimes. Here are quite a few of the customary reasons you may not be indexed:

Index Time: It hasn't been indexed yet. The magnitude of instance previously the motor indexes your position should be tabled on the turn out engine's content page, but these aren't ever correct or may be out of date. On the average, graduated table times list from one to viii weeks depending on the engine. Some engines same AltaVista and Inktomi give remunerated options if you craving to be indexed more than with alacrity.

TIP! Time carcass and expectations: Allow up to 4 months, if you are amount 10 and poverty to be number 1, past it may retributory be juncture that is needed - but if you aren't screening up at all, consequently you want to gawp at keywords, content, title, categorization and keyword tags.

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Already Indexed: The chief engines won't share you if you're listed; it's up to you to insight out. The skill to uncover if a leaf or area has been indexed varies from one engine to different. Never take as read you're not indexed rightful because you searched done keywords and you ne'er came up in the freshman few pages of results. You could static be indexed and end up at the inferior of the pile.

Roadmap from Home Page: Some engines have been celebrated to drip pages that cannot be traveled to from the hole page. HotBot has been reported to do this. Think of your parcel of land golf course as a string of roads from one leaf to different. If there's no road from your familial leaf to the page you want indexed, a hunt motor may want the leaf is uncalled-for.

External Links: Some explore engines similar to Google and HotBot have been best-known to cry off to scale of measurement Web sites that don't relation to any new sites. Or, they may index your sett page but eliminate to scale any other than pages unless in that are golf links from different sphere. Or, they may index you for a patch but after "prune" their info following because you didn't pull off any outside course after a lasting term of instance.

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Frames: Content covered of HTML frames can origination worries with submissions because the scour engine may graduated table the fundamental complacent of the page, but not the surrounding card framework. Visitors to your encampment insight numerous figures but do without the related menu. It's by and large improved to generate non-framed versions of your pages.

Spider Blocks: Search motor spiders cannot scale of measurement sites that demand a entering or password, and they can't cram out forms. This as well applies to categorisation of joyful from a searchable database. The medicine is to construct rigid pages that the engines can find and index lacking performing a notable behaviour on your parcel of land. Depending on your information system, location are some inferior programs and companies that can help you with this.

Free Sites: Because of all the "junk" submissions from discharged web sites like Geocities, many an engines single out not to ordered series sites from specified domains or ceiling the number of pages they adopt.

Guilt Through Association: If your Web tract shares the same IP computer address as otherwise Web sites on your host's Web server, you may brainstorm your IP softly expelled because of something mortal else did. Ask your hosting employ if your orbit designation has its own characteristic IP appointed to it. If not, ask them to put out of place it to its own IP to evade person penalized because of someone else.

Dynamic Pages: Dynamic pages with URLs containing special symbols like a sound out mark (?) or an punctuation (&) are neglected by numerous engines. Pages generated on the fly from a database often comprise these symbols. In this situation, it's significant to generate "static" versions of all folio you deprivation indexed. Fancy scripts and written language on a leaf can angry your rankings. When it comes to scrabble engines, crude is in good health.

Large Pages: If your holiday camp has a flagging tie or the pages are awfully thickening and whip a extensive example to load, it mightiness instance out beforehand the arachnoid finishes categorization. To steer clear of this, boundary your folio massiveness to 50K or less. A well behaved head of finger is that: leaf magnitude cumulative imitation sizes on the leaf d 50K-70K If it is greater than that amount, people near dial-up links will go back the folio to the full lots.

Unreliable Hosts: It pays to have a loyal hosting service. If your web location doesn't answer back when the turn upside down motor spider visits, you won't be indexed. Even worse, if you are indexed and they pay a stop by when your site is down, you could be separate from the info.

Spam: If you use alleged techniques that may well be thoughtful an overt make an effort at spamming (i.e., immoderate periodic event of keywords, selfsame color deed as circumstance) an motor may pay no attention to or reject your submissions.

Redirects: Redirects or meta liven up tags sometimes grounds the engines to have contention categorization your setting. If the engines guess you are trying to "trick" them by mistreatment "cloaking" or IP redirection technology, they may not index the parcel of land at all.

Proper Directory Submissions: When submitting to a reference encampment approaching Yahoo, Open Directory, LookSmart, and others, a stay alive causal agent reviews your site. They make up one's mind if the locality is of ample "quality" past they account it. These directories can backing you get recorded near separate engines, so produce in no doubt you endow with your manual submissions the renown they demand.

Page Limits: Search engines will simply spider so more pages of your Web location. This could be a few twelve or iii or iv cardinal depending on the motor. Google is one motor that tends to motion deeper into your parcel of land. How wide they go may depend on factors same your connection popularity. Sites with sophisticated linkage quality are deemed "worthier" of more careful categorization.

Random Errors: Sometimes the engines simply misplace submissions at chaotic because of bugs and technical errors. Mistakes pass - remember, they're managing a database containing hundreds of jillions of pages.

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